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Oh boy, I can’t believe he started this early. Now I’m going to worry about him setting his crib on fire.


You’re right… that /could/ be a problem.

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Our son is a firebender!? : D

Yes indeedy, my wife. :D


Saito was in a good mood. He’d closed up a particularly sweet business deal earlier that afternoon with some Earth Kingdom merchants who, as it turned out, were also avid players of musical instruments and Pai Sho. The promises of new friendships in the making put a spring in Saito’s step as he stepped into his house. 

"I’m hooome!" He called out, but there was no response. He snuck a peek into his bedchamber and found Asuka napping inside. His mother slept soundly in her own bedchamber, newly recovered from her flu.

The only person awake was Tom Tom and the scullery maid who had been temporarily assigned to look after him. She looked particularly sleepy and was extremely relieved when Saito dismissed her from babysitting duty and took a happily gurgling Tom Tom in his arms and out of the house.

The evening air was cool but the sky was still bright. It would be some time before dinner would be served. Saito sat on the grass by the miniature koi pond in the garden that had been meticulously landscaped by the previous owner. Though the pond was designed for koi fish there were no animals residing in it as of now. He placed Tom Tom on his lap and dipped the toddler’s fingers in the water, causing ripples. Tom Tom was extremely fascinated at first, but rapidly became bored and began whimpering restlessly.

"Now, now, Tom Tom…" cooed Saito, trying to calm him down, but the boy had begun wrestling with his father’s arms in his attempt to crawl away. With one hand grasping Tom Tom firmly, he created a small fireball with the other and separated the fireball into several different balls, making them spin and twirl around each other. "Ooooh, look what Daddy’s got! Isn’t it amazing?" 

Tom Tom quietened down for awhile as he stared at the balls of light, transfixed. Then he laughed, clapped his hands and reached out to touch them. “No, no, no, baby… it’s dangerous! You can’t touch it…” said Saito, moving the fireballs away from him. Tom Tom stared back at Saito, confused, then leaned forward and tried to grasp them again.

"No, Tom Tom, you’ll get hurt," he said firmly, trying to hold Tom Tom back, but the toddler didn’t seem to listen. "Tom Tom…" he said warningly, but what he saw next surprised him.

With one hand outstretched in a grasping form, Tom Tom managed to make one of the fireballs stand still while the others continued to spin. Saito’s eyes widened as Tom Tom pulled the fireball away from the others, sat back in Saito’s lap, and cupped the fireball in his hands, staring and laughing at it gleefully. When the toddler separated his hands, the fireball disappeared. Tom Tom clapped happily and looked up at his father as if to say, “You see what I did there, Daddy?”

Saito gave a shout of happiness and took Tom Tom in his arms. He tossed the toddler a few times in the air and kissed his forehead. Then he ran into the house, shouting excitedly, “My son is a firebender!”


"The finesse of the sword is in the amount of energy that the swordsman pours into his blade, and is channeled from the stomach, which is the seat of chi. Pupil Saito, are you listening?" 

Saito jerked from his reverie and coloured instantly, earning himself snickers from his fellow classmates and a disapproving glare from Master Piandao. Just the day before he had chastised his own student, that young rich girl Asuka, about not paying attention and today it was his turn to be distracted from his lesson. He had sacrificed a lot to come to Shu Jing so that he could learn from the famed swordsman. Though Saito himself was a Firebender, he wanted to learn swordsmanship anyway to give himself an edge should he be accepted to join the military later on. A multi-talented infantryman would rise through the ranks quicker than an ordinary one.

He got to his feet and took a deep bow, his hands doing the Fire Nation symbol for respecting elders. “Forgive me, Master,” he said humbly. “I meant no disrespect.”

Master Piandao looked at him with steely gray eyes. “Fourty laps on the practice compound.”

"Yes, Master," said Saito. He bowed again and left the classroom.

On his run, Saito found himself thinking about the girl again. He couldn’t help it. He had seen and tutored many pretty, young rich girls. Why was she any different? Probably because she had a spine. She, unlike the others, seemed reluctant to walk the path that was set for her. And it was an unhappy path. She was basically progressing from one cage to another. Saito was part glad that she had sense enough to see that, and part wished that he could be the one to take her hand and guide her away from that path, once and for all.

Stop it! he scolded himself. Look where she’s got you - doing laps when you could be in there learning useful things. You came to Shu Jing to learn, Saito, and your job as tutor is to pay for your schooling with Master Piandao. You’re here to better yourself so that you can become somebody important in the Fire Nation. You’re here to make a better life for yourself.

Saito shook his head to clear it from all thoughts of the rich man’s daughter and focused on finishing his laps so that he could get back to the classroom before the lesson was over. Focus, Saito, focus. Remember what you’re here for.